Jasper's Writings

  • Why are You Sad?
    A critique on pure "reason" and some thoughts on how we learn about and understand others today.

  • Mind and Hand
    A reflection on my learning experience in a computer science course.

  • Some Mathematical Proofs
    Once upon a time I still had time to read a math textbook and collect random math proofs.

  • Notes on Quantum Mechanics
    Collection of notes on Quantum Mechanics.

  • Trigonometry From Ground Up
    Deconstructs the various mathematical ideas that make up Trigonometry and makes an attempt to give meaningful insight into standard results in Trigonometry.

  • A Metaphorical Mind
    An interesting discovery on the Conceptual Metaphor Theory and its application to music as well as its implication for us.

  • The Fundamental Forces
    A non-technical article about the Fundamental Forces and the Standard Model in physics.
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